COD: Vanguard- 3 Day


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Full Featurelist


    • Aimbot (Automatically aim at players when they are visible) with Bullet Prediction
    • Smooth Aim (Slows down aimbot movement)
    • Smooth Aim Acceleration (Decrease smooth aim after aimbot locks)
    • Aim Bone and Bone Scan (Select where the aimbot should aim at)
    • Silent Aim (Hit targets without aiming at them + does not snap)
    • Auto Fire (Shoot when the aimbot has a target)
    • Fire Delay (Wait before shooting automatically)
    • Auto ADS (Automatically zooms in as soon as the aimbot has a target)
    • ADS Delay (Wait before automatically zooming)
    • Aim Key (Only aim while you are holding a key/mouse button)
    • On Fire Only (Activates the aimbot when firing)
    • On ADS Only (Activates the aimbot when zooming)
    • Aim FOV (Select the field of view the aimbot should search for targets in)
    • Aim Priority (Prioritize targets closest to crosshair or closest to you)
    • Aim at Downed Players (Shoot at players who are downed)
    • Draw Aim Box (Visualizes Aimbot Prediction)
    • Visibility Check (Check if enemies are visible)
    • Maximum Player Range (Maximum range for Aimbot)
    • Aim on friendly players
    • Aim on enemies



    • Triggerbot (Automatically shoot when you are aiming at a player)
    • Triggerbot Mode (On Zoom or always)
    • Fire Delay (Wait before shooting)
    • Trigger Key (Only trigger while you are holding a key/mouse button)
    • Trigger on friendly players
    • Trigger on enemies


ESP (3D Radar)

    • Player Box (Draws 2D or 3D Boxes around players)
    • Player Skeleton (Visualises players skeletons)
    • Player Name (Draws player names)
    • Player Distance (Shows how far a player is away from you)
    • Player Weapon (See which weapon a player is using)
    • Player Line (Draws lines from you to other players)
    • Grenade Name (See dangerous grenades)
    • Grenade Distance (See how far grenades are away)
    • Grenade Line (Draws lines to grenades)
    • Item Name (See weapons and other items on the ground)
    • Item Distance (See how far items are away)
    • Item Line (Draws lines to items)
    • Show friendly players
    • Show enemies
    • ESP Range Limit
    • Configurable Font Size


2D Radar

    • Show Players
    • Show Grenades
    • Show Friendly (Shows friendly things on the radar)
    • Show Enemy (Show enemy things on the radar)
    • Show Window (Draws borders around the radar)
    • Show Cross (Draws a crosshair in the middle of the radar)
    • Show FOV (Draws your Field of View on the radar)
    • Show Dot (Draws a dot in the center of the radar)
    • Configurable Radar Size
    • Configurable Radar Range
    • Configurable Dot Size
    • Center Radar (Puts the radar right in the middle of your screen)



    • NEW: Zombie Mode Support
    • NEW: Unlock All(Currently not available)
    • NEW: No Recoil (Removes weapon recoil)
    • NEW: No Spread (Removes weapon spread)
    • Rapid Fire (Hold the fire button to shoot rapidly)
    • Crosshair (Shows a crosshair in the middle of your screen)
    • Configurable Crosshair Size


Other included features

  • Screenshot Protection / Screenshot Cleaner
  • Easy to use, mouse controlled in-game menu
  • Up to 10 settings slots for different configurations
  • Ability to switch profiles with a key bind
  • Configurable colors for ESP, 2D Radar and Crosshair
  • Multiple protection layers against anti-cheats
  • Visibility checks
  • [Back again!] Streamproof (OBS, XSplit & more)


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