COD: Modern Warfare II (2022)- 3 Day


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This item: COD: Modern Warfare II (2022)- 3 Day
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We heavily improved on your security and game performance!

This means little impact on FPS!

New methods to fight Ricochet Anti-Cheat!



ESP Features – the classic!

You already know what this feature means! The EngineOwning ESP shows players and their equipment through walls. You decide what type, what team, what distance and what details to show. Every detail is now in your hands.

Wide range of ESP functions

3D Radar (ESP / Wallhack)

    • Player Box (Draws 2D or 3D Boxes around players)
    • Player Skeleton (Visualises players skeletons)
    • Player Name (Draws player names)
    • Player Distance (Shows how far a player is away from you)
    • Player Weapon (See which weapon a player is using)
    • Player Line (Draws lines from you to other players)
    • Grenade Name (See dangerous grenades)
    • Grenade Distance (See how far grenades are away)
    • Grenade Line (Draws lines to grenades)
    • Item Name (See weapons and other items on the ground)
    • Item Distance (See how far items are away)
    • Item Line (Draws lines to items)
    • Show Cash
    • Show Armor
    • Show Boxes
    • Show friendly players
    • Show enemies
    • Show Bots / AI
    • ESP Range Limit
    • Configurable Font Size

2D Radar

  • Show Players
  • Show Grenades
  • Show Items
  • Show Friendly (Shows friendly things on the radar)
  • Show Enemy (Show enemy things on the radar)
  • Show Bot / AI (Show game-controlled entities on the radar)
  • Show Window (Draws borders around the radar)
  • Show Cross (Draws a crosshair in the middle of the radar)
  • Show FOV (Draws your Field of View on the radar)
  • Show Dot (Draws a dot in the center of the radar)
  • Show Cash
  • Show Armor
  • Show Boxes
  • Configurable Radar Size
  • Configurable Radar Range
  • Configurable Dot Size
  • Center Radar (Puts the radar right in the middle of your screen)


Aimbot – Your Legit Companion.

Configure it as legitimately as you want. Let it be your little helper when you play with friends. If you do it right, no one will notice and you’ll win the match easily!


Aimbot – The Deadly Monster!

If you want the rage experience, our Aimbot is made for it! Of course, you can also make it as aggressive as you want it to be. You can also choose to disable it completely.


Aim and shoot faster than anyone else


    • Aimbot (Automatically aim at players when they are visible) with Bullet Prediction
    • Smooth Aim (Slows down aimbot movement)
    • Smooth Aim Acceleration (Decrease smooth aim after aimbot locks)
    • Aim Bone and Bone Scan (Select where the aimbot should aim at)
    • Auto Fire (Shoot when the aimbot has a target)
    • Fire Delay (Wait before shooting automatically)
    • Auto ADS (Automatically zooms in as soon as the aimbot has a target) (soon!)
    • ADS Delay (Wait before automatically zooming) (soon!)
    • Aim Key (Only aim while you are holding a key/mouse button)
    • On Fire Only (Activates the aimbot when firing)
    • On ADS Only (Activates the aimbot when zooming)
    • Aim FOV (Select the field of view the aimbot should search for targets in)
    • Aim Priority (Prioritize targets closest to crosshair or closest to you)
    • Aim at Downed Players (Shoot at players who are downed)
    • Draw Aim Box (Visualizes Aimbot Prediction)
    • Visibility Check 
    • Maximum Player Range (Maximum range for Aimbot)
    • Aim on friendly players
    • Aim on enemies


    • Triggerbot (Automatically shoot when you are aiming at a player)
    • Triggerbot Mode (On Zoom or always)
    • Fire Delay (Wait before shooting)
    • Trigger Key (Only trigger while you are holding a key/mouse button)
    • Trigger on friendly players
    • Trigger on enemies


  • Rapid Fire (Hold the fire button to shoot rapidly)
  • No Flash 
  • No Stun 
  • Crosshair (Shows a crosshair in the middle of your screen)
  • Configurable Crosshair Size

Other included features

  • Support for Warzone Mode
  • Support for DMZ Mode
  • Screenshot Protection / Screenshot Cleaner
  • Easy to use, mouse controlled in-game menu
  • Up to 10 settings slots for different configurations
  • Ability to switch profiles with a key bind
  • Configurable colors for ESP, 2D Radar and Crosshair
  • Multiple protection layers against anti-cheats
  • Visibility checks
  • [Back again!] Can be hidden on recording software like OBS


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