Counter-Strike 2 – 3 Day


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  • Bind ESP (Always on, On Key, On Death)
  • Player Box (2D Boxed, 2D Cornered, 3D Boxed)
  • Player Names
  • Player Health
  • Player Armor
  • Player Weapon
  • Visibility Check
  • Smoke check
  • Show Enemy only
  • World Items
  • Planted C4


  • Active State (Always on / Holding Key / On attack)
  • Hitbox (Select target hitbox or nearest hitbox to aimpoint)
  • FOV (Select the field of view the aimbot should search for targets in)
  • Show FOV (Shows FOV circle)
  • Smooth (Slows down / smoothes aimbot movement)
  • Smooth Deviation (Further randomizes the selected smoothing value)
  • Recoil Compensation System (Controls the recoil for you, Standalone/Aimbot)
  • Delay (Delay before aimbot aims at target)
  • Aimtime (How long aimbot should aim for)
  • Vischeck (Only aim at visible enemies)
  • Through Smoke (Aim at enemies even if they are hidden by a smoke grenade)
  • Attack Friendlies (Aimbot aims at same team, useful for FFA deathmatch and other modes)
  • Stick on target (Aimbot stays on same target until its out of view)

Config System

  • Multiple Configs
  • Load on Key


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